Zeiss (LSM) file format support

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This filter will allow support for file reading and writting in ITK for the Zeiss (LSM) file format.
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minus Automatic Testing Results by Insight-Journal Dashboard on Thu Nov 10 11:22:11 2005 for revision #1
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minus several chanels are not supported by Gaetan Lehmann on 11-14-2005 for revision #1
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I successfully run it on my host. I\'m able to read lsm files in 3D with the good spacing which is very nice

  • I have to replace
    #include \"tiffio/tiffio.h\"
    #include \"tiffio.h\"
    in itkLSMImageIO.cxx to build the test.
  • the reader works only if there is only one chanel, and return a quite strange \"Cannot open the file!\" if the lsm contains 2 chanels. You can get a (big) lsm file with 2 chanels at http://voxel.jouy.inra.fr/blastocyste.lsm if needed.

It really nice to have a LSM reader for ITK.
Thanks for that work !

Comment by Mathieu Malaterre: Add this as a bug report yellow
Sorry I did not check reviews in a long time. Next time, please add this as a bug report, I tend to read it more easily...


Thanks for report !
minus Explaination on dashboard issues: need ITK CVS by Mathieu Malaterre on 11-14-2005 for revision #1
starstarstarstarstar expertise: 5 sensitivity: 3.7
Build errors:
There are build errors on the Insight Journal, because the version used is ITK 2.2.1 whereas the code needs ITK CVS, due to some very recent change in ITK CVS, in particular TIFFImageIO and the tiff library.
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Categories: CMake, Images, IO, Programming
Keywords: Zeiss, LSM, Confocal Microscopy
Toolkits: ITK (moved into the toolkit)
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