How Scientific Publishing Works (comic)
Written the 2009-08-31 by Julien Jomier

An interesting comic strip about scientific publishing:

MIDAS Journal and Insight Journal become one
Written the 2009-04-16 by Julien Jomier

In order to centralize the information collected on the Insight Journal and the MIDAS Journal we have reorganized the websites. Now the MIDAS Journal acts as the main portal and the Insight Journal is a sub-journal. This will allow to grow the MIDAS Journal community by adding new sub-journals, so keep your eyes open as new journals appear.

Thanks again for your continuous feedback and support.


Embedding Videos and Presentations
Written the 2008-09-26 by Julien Jomier

We have added support for videos and presentations.
Presentations are now uploaded to SlideShare and embedded in the MidasJournal.
Videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel and embedded.

If you find any issues, leave us a feedback.

- Julien

The new Insight Journal is live!
Written the 2008-09-05 by Julien Jomier

We are excited to go live today and bring you a new version of the Insight Journal.
We are launching at the same time the Midas Journal website, based on the same platform but used for workshops and conferences.

The website is still in beta, so feel free to submit your suggestions, comments and error using the Help/Feedback menu.

Enjoy open-access and open-science!

- The Insight Journal Development Team

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