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Robot Assisted Needle Placement: Application developed using an open source image guided surgery toolkit (IGSTK)

Cheng, Peng, Enquobahrie, Andinet, Stenzel, Roland, Lin, Ralph, Zhang, Hui, Yaniv, Ziv, Kim, Hee-su, Cleary, Kevin
Kitware, Inc.
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Submitted by Andinet Enquobahrie on 2006-07-11.

Using a robot system to position needles or needle shaped tools during clinical procedures such as biopsy, radio frequency ablation, and target drug delivery has a great potentials in increasing accuracy and speed of the process, and minimizing trauma to patient. This paper describes a robot assist needle placement system developed using Image Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK). IGSTK is an open source software toolkit aimed at providing a robust and safe platform for researchers and clinicians for fast prototyping of image guided applications with minimum cost and effort