ItkQuadEdgeMesh: A Discrete Orientable 2-Manifold Data Structure for Image Processing

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There is nowadays an increasing need in interaction between discrete surfaces (2-manifolds) and images. More specifically, segmentation and registration of n-dimensional images are taking advantage of a priori geometrical information, most often provided as discrete 2-manifolds.
Most of the publicly available libraries are oriented either toward mesh processing or image processing.
Through a careful study we will show that none of those libraries are complete enough to fullfill image, surface and joint image-surface interaction.
We propose to implement in ITK library a powerful 2-manifold data structure. The choice of ITK was driven by the fact that it provides the best base framework along with a strong n-dimensional image kernel. Based on a Quad-Edge data structure, it has been specifically tailored not only to represent
orientable 2-manifolds (surfaces of real objects) but also ease further processing.
We illustrate the integration of the design into ITK as a native object, enhancing existing algorithms.
We also illustrate the power of the new design for further surface processing.
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Categories: Data Representation, Mesh
Keywords: Mesh, 2-manifold
Toolkits: ITK (moved into the sandbox), CMake, VTK
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