Polar Transforms for ITK

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Polar transform is a geometric transform, that transforms points form cartesian coordinates to so-called polar coordinates. In case of 2D space, a point in polar coordinate system is addressed by radius and angle. In image processing, polar transform is usually used to convert rotations around the origin of polar coordinate system to translations.

This submission contains the implementation of forward and inverse polar transforms in two very simple classes for the Insight Toolkit.
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Since this code was written the itkTransform API has changed to require (pure virtual) SetParameters and SetFixedParameters functions to be implemented. I have attached the headers that include the previous reviewer's fixes (Cory) and these new fixes. I encourage you to create a Version 3 of this article with these patches so that the next user can download it and it will work right out of the box.

Free comment :

The code seems to work after some very brief testing.

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The author proposes two classes for transforming between Cartesian and polar (2D) or cylinder (3D) coordinate systems. These transforms seem generally useful in certain image processing and analysis tasks. Source code implementing the transforms and a test for the source code is included.

Open Science:

Source code for the transforms is provided. No input images are required to verify that the classes work correctly.

Enough details are provided to replicate the work.


I downloaded and attempted to compile the code. There were two problems:

1). In the method GetJacobian() in itkPolarToCartesianTransform.h and itkCartesianToPolarTransform.h, the line "return m_Jacobian;" needed to be changed to "return this->m_Jacobian;" to compile under ITK 3.20 with g++ 4.2.1 on Mac OS 10.6.

2). In the file itkPolarTransformTest.cxx at lines 34, 43, 51, 60, and 69, the compiler warns of a comparison between signed and unsigned integers.

Open source Contributions:

With some fixes, the source code would be immediately useful. It took about 5 minutes to fix it and get it to run. If the source code were fixed, I would change the rating to 5.

Code Quality :

The code mostly conforms to ITK's coding style. The main difference is that tabs are used instead of spaces.


I've written a class similar to itk::CartesianToPolarTransform to compute coordinates into a 2D image that serves as a radial profile image when computing a 3D image radially symmetric about an axis. Passing this transform to the itk::ResampleImageFilter makes computation of the symmetric image easy.

I could use itk::CartesianToPolarTransform for this purpose if I could set the second coordinate value to 0. Perhaps another transform that sets a given coordinate value to a constant could be chained with itk::CartesianToPolarTransform to suit my needs.


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Comment by Rina Rudyanto yellow
I downloaded version 1.2, and transforming from cartesian to polar for point (1, 1) gives the result in (theta, radius). I don't know if it was intentionally so; but it looks like an error, because the conversion from polar to cartesian considers the input to be (radius, theta).

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Keywords: ITK, transform, polar transform
Toolkits: ITK, CMake
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