Scale Invariant Feature Transform for n-Dimensional Images (n-SIFT)

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This document describes the implementation of several features previously developed[2], extending the
2D scale invariant feature transform (SIFT)[4, 5] for images of arbitrary dimensionality, such as 3D
medical image volumes and time series, using ITK1. Specifically, we provide a scale invariant implementation
of a weighted histogram of gradient feature, a rotationally invariant version of the histogram
feature, and a SIFT-like feature, adapted to handle images of arbitrary dimensionality. This paper is accompanied
with the source code, example input data, parameters and output data, allowing reproduction
of the example results in this paper and the results previously reported[2]. Note that usage of SIFT in the
United States is governed by US Patent 6,711,293.
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Categories: Image pyramids, Multi-modality registration, Transforms
Keywords: image matching, scale-invariant, SIFT, 3D, 4D, ITK
Toolkits: ITK, CMake
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