RGB Image Color Space Transformations

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This paper describes a set of pixel accessors that transform RGB pixel values to a different color space. Accessors for the HSI, XYZ, Yuv, YUV, HSV, Lab, Luv, HSL, CMY, and CMYK color spaces are provided here. This paper is accompanied with source code for the pixel accessors and test, test images and parameters, and expected output images.

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The author wrote accessors to be used with itkImageAdaptor for many common color spaces. Having access to all of these color spaces through ImageAdaptors is great!


A test is included which transform a test image to all of the different color spaces and compares them to baseline images.

Open Science:

All of the source code and images are provided. I was able to replicate the results.


The code compiles, runs, and passes the tests out of the box.

Open source Contributions:

The usage is clearly explained in the PDF.

Code Quality :

The code could benefit from some more comments. Particularly, the mathematical equations which were used in the color space conversions should be explained at the top of each header.

Free comment :

These accessors should be added to ITK ASAP!

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For some of these classes, I found that it is possible to relax the restriction of using itk::RGBPixel as the pixel type of the image that is adapted (to allow something like itk::CovariantVector by adding a template argument:

template >

and replacing the InternalType typedef with:

typedef TInternalType InternalType;

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Categories: Data Representation, Image
Keywords: rgb , color space, transformation, HSI, XYZ, Yuv, YUV, HSV, Lab, Luv, HSL, CMY, CMYK
Toolkits: ITK
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