Moore Neighbor Tracing

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This document presents an implementation of Moore Neighbor Tracing - an algorithm to find an ordered outline of a blob or contour in an image.

An excellent tutorial on Moore Neighbor Tracing is provided here:

The code is available here:

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The author implements the moore neighbour tracing algorithm in order to produce an ordered list of the outline of a 2D blob or a contour presented as an image.


The author's code has a number of examples, including a dummy square that is produced and then operated on by the algorithm to produce a working result. The author allows user files to be run on the algorithm also.

For the example that displays the ordered boundary element list as a color map from black through white using the 'hot' colourmap there is an assumption based on the datatype of itk::Image that is passed in that there will be up to 255 boundary elements, otherwise the colormap will be repeated.


Evidence is shown in the examples of the algorithm running correctly. From brief observation it seems to run fine.

Open Science:

The code is able to viewed, extended and the examples are also available.


Code ran successfully for me using CMake 2.8 and Visual Studio 2008.

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Categories: Edge Detection, Mathematical Morphology, Neighborhood filters
Keywords: Contour, Blob, Tracing
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