Title Review Code Rating Rating
GoFigure and The Digital Fish Project: Open tools and open data for an imaging based approach to system biolgy 5 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2699 times and viewed 2134 times
Fast Marching Minimal Path Extraction in ITK 5 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4525 times and viewed 3441 times
Alternative Memory Models for ITK Images 5 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 5182 times and viewed 1950 times
Meeting Andy Warhol Somewhere Over the Rainbow: RGB Colormapping and ITK 5 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4867 times and viewed 4002 times
How to use the itk::NaryElevateImageFilter and itk::UnaryRetractImageFilter for the post-processing of medical 4D data 5 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1919 times and viewed 1476 times
Conformal Flattening ITK Filter 5 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3335 times and viewed 2364 times
An ITK Implementation of the Symmetric Log-Domain Diffeomorphic Demons Algorithm 5 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 9547 times and viewed 3366 times
Support for "cub" image format 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2535 times and viewed 1809 times
Class for Serial Transformations 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2069 times and viewed 1618 times
An accessible, hands-on tutorial system for image-guided therapy and medical robotics using a robot and open-source software 4 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2890 times and viewed 2093 times
Optimizing ITK’s Registration Methods for Multi-processor, Shared-Memory Systems 4 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4097 times and viewed 2587 times
An ITK-based Implementation of the Stochastic Rank Correlation (SRC) Metric 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4625 times and viewed 2423 times
BioImage Suite: An integrated medical image analysis suite: An update 4 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3720 times and viewed 2152 times
Morphology with parabolic structuring elements 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4421 times and viewed 2345 times
An open, clinically-validated database of 3D+t cine-MR images of the left ventricle with associated manual and automated segmentation 4 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2497 times and viewed 2199 times
Polar Transforms for ITK 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3181 times and viewed 1688 times
Fast BlockMatching Registration with Entropy-based Similarity 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2772 times and viewed 1455 times
OpenTissue - An Open Source Toolkit for Physics-Based Animation 4 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3945 times and viewed 2142 times
A Generalized Squared Euclidean Distance Transform with Voronoi Maps 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3839 times and viewed 2140 times
N-D Linear Time Exact Signed Euclidean Distance Transform 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3315 times and viewed 2352 times
A program to cast and convert image files 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1818 times and viewed 1524 times
WrapITK: Enhanced languages support for the Insight Toolkit 4 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3474 times and viewed 2378 times
Multidimensional Arrays and the nArray Package 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2943 times and viewed 1784 times
ModulusImageFilter 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2783 times and viewed 1656 times
Cerebral Cortical Thickness Estimation using the TINA Open-Source Image Analysis Environment 3 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2855 times and viewed 1828 times
FFT based convolution 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 5759 times and viewed 4049 times
MinimaImpositionImageFilter 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 3046 times and viewed 1621 times
Noise simulation 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 4842 times and viewed 3538 times
MINC2.0 IO Support for ITK 3 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2690 times and viewed 2093 times
Kappa Sigma Clipping 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2987 times and viewed 2243 times
Zeiss (LSM) file format support 3 starstarstarstarstar starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 1892 times and viewed 1724 times
IGSTK: A State Machine Architecture for an Open Source Software Toolkit for Image-Guided Surgery Applications 3 starstarstarstarstar
downloaded 2753 times and viewed 1968 times

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Automatic Junction Detection for Tubular Structures
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An ITK-Based Framework for 2D-3D Registration with Multiple Fixed Images
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Anisotropic Fast Marching in ITK
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Anisotropic Diffusion in ITK
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Fostering Open Science in Lung Cancer Lesion Sizing with ITK module LSTK
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An OpenCL implementation of the Gaussian pyramid and the resampler
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A Framework for Improved Regression Testing Based Upon CTest and CDash
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Efficient N-Dimensional surface estimation using Crofton formula and run-length encoding
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A Skull-Stripping Filter for ITK
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Automatic Conductance Estimation Methods for Anisotropic Diffusion ITK Filters
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