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Simulated Diffusion-Weighted Imaging for the ITK Masses
A recent article by Van Hecke et al. [3] describes a framework for creating simulated diffusion-weighted images (DWI). The methodology allows for modeling intersubject variability, regional pathology, and noise and is quite useful for evaluation purposes. [...]

Interactive Correspondence Selection
This document presents a GUI application to manually select corresponding points in two data sets. The data sets can each be either an image or a point cloud. If both data sets are images, the functionality is equivalent to Matlab's 'cpselect' function. There [...]

Small Hole Filling in ITK
No opinion
This code provides an implementation of a simple technique to fill small holes in an image. We use a multi-pass method that fills pixels on the border of a hole with the average of its non-hole 8-connected neighbors. This process is repeated until all holes [...]

A Gradient Descent Trust Region Optimizer
This document describes a new simple gradient descent optimizer which is a potential replacement or supplement for RegularStepGradientDescentOptimizer. The optimizer requires only the gradient of the parameters and uses a simple linear model internally. [...]

Moore Neighbor Tracing
This document presents an implementation of Moore Neighbor Tracing - an algorithm to find an ordered outline of a blob or contour in an image. An excellent tutorial on Moore Neighbor Tracing is provided [...]

Triangle Mesh Subdivision
This document describes a contribution to the Insight Toolkit intended to support the process of subdivision of triangle mesh. Four approaches, linear, Loop, modified butterfly and $sqrt{3}$ subdivision schemes were introduced.

ItkImageFunctionImageFilter: A New Filter To Apply An itkImageFunction To Every Pixel In An itkImage
No opinion
This document presents a new class to apply an itkImageFunction to every pixel in an itkImage. This functionality is almost identical to itkUnaryFunctorImageFilter, but it uses an itkImageFunction rather than an itk::Functor. As some functionalities in ITK [...]

Creating a 2D Active Shape Model Using itk::ImagePCAShapeModelEstimator
Although many variations of active contour segmentation algorithms exist, most are based on solely edge criteria and breakdown or leak at weak boundaries. One solution to this problem is constraining the segmented area to only statistically possible shapes [...]

Histogram-based thresholding - some missing methods
Using intensity histograms to estimate image thresholds is a long established practice in image processing and image analysis and a wide variety of techniques have been developed. Different techniques are appropriate for different intensity distributions. [...]

CITK - an architecture and examples of CUDA enabled ITK filters
There is great interest in the use of graphics processing units (GPU)for general purpose applications because the highly parallel architectures used in GPUs offer the potential for huge performance increases. The use of GPUs in image analysis applications has [...]

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