UNC Primate Brain Atlas (Size: 49Mb in 13 bitstreams Downloads: 879)
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Title: UNC Primate Brain Atlas
Authors: Martin Styner, Rebecca Knickmeyer, Christopher Coe, Sarah J Short, John Gilmore
Description: This symmetric atlas of primate brain has been created using 18 cases aged 16-34 months. It includes the T1-weighted image (with and without skull), and also tissue segmentation probability maps (white matter, gray matter, CSF, rest), subcortical. You can find more details about the creation of this atlas in the following paper : M. Styner, R. Knickmeyer, S. Joshi, C. Coe, S. J. Short, and J. Gilmore. Automatic brain segmentation in rhesus monkeys. In Proc SPIE Vol 6512, Medical Imaging, 2007, pp. 65122 L1-8 structures segmentation (amygdala, caudate, hippocampus, pallidus, putamen), and a lobar parcellation map.
Sponsor: UNC Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Center HD03110 R01 grant NIH AI 067518: Maternal flu infection and brain development in primates
Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Publication date: 2009-01-15 10:34
Modification date: 2009-01-15 10:34:31-05
Appears in collection: NAMIC: Public Data

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