Region Growing Using a Criterion on the Region Boundary
This document presents a set of classes which implement a region growing algorithm whose criterion for growth is different than existing ITK region growing algorithms. The region is grown into the query pixel based only on the difference between the query [...]

A Conditional Mesh Front Iterator for VTK
Region growing is a technique that can be used to propagate information over a mesh. In a previous submission, "A Mesh Front Iterator for VTK", we introduced an iterator that can be used with vtkPointSet subclasses to traverse a mesh. It is sometimes useful [...]

Shaped Neighborhood based Flood Filled Conditional Iterators
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ITK's flood filling iterator represents a way to visit pixels/voxels within an image having a specific connectivity. The iterator is initialized at known seed points and starting from these, neighbors that are within the desired connectivity are marked as to [...]

Level Set Segmentation: Active Contours without edge
An Insight Toolkit (ITK) processing framework for segmentation using active contours without edges is presented in this paper. Our algorithm is based on the work of Chan and Vese [1] that uses level- sets to accomplish region segmentation in images with [...]

Connected Component and Morphology Based Extraction of Arterial Centerlines of the Heart (CocomoBeach)
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This document describes a novel scheme for the automated extraction of the central lumen lines of coronary arteries from computed tomography angiography (CTA) data. The scheme first obtains a seg- mentation of the whole coronary tree and subsequently [...]

Evaluation Framework for Algorithms Segmenting Short Axis Cardiac MRI.
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The motivation of the segmentation challenge is to quantitatively analyze global and regional cardiac function from cine magnetic resonance (MR) images, clinical parameters such as ejection fraction (EF), left ventricle myocardium mass (MM), and stroke volume [...]

An entropy based multi-thresholding method for semi-automatic segmentation of liver tumors
Liver cancer is the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third most common cause of death from cancer worldwide. A precise analysis of the lesions would help in the staging of the tumor and in the evaluation of the possible applicable therapies. In [...]

Minimally Interactive Knowledge-based Coronary Tracking in CTA using a Minimal Cost Path
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An algorithm for minimally interactive coronary artery tracking is presented. Tracking ability and accuracy results are demonstrated on 16 images CTA images. First, a region of interest is automatically selected and a denoising filter applied. Then, for each [...]

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