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itkConnectedComponentFunctorImageFilter is a generic connected components filter that operates on any N-dimensional image type with the "functor" defining what mechanism to use to join two neighboring pixels

Optimization of connected component labelling
The report details some modifications made to the ITK {em ConnectedComponentImageFilter} in an attempt to improve performance. Some interesting observations were made during this process. A new filter using a different algorithm to perform the [...]

Confidence connected segmentation
This document describes a tiny application developed using the Insight Toolkit, ITK The goal of the document is to facilitate ease of use of the application by following the guidelines given in the document. The application does not claim to [...]

Segmentation of Ventricles in the Brain using Connected Threshold
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This is an implementation of Connected Threshold Segmentation to isolate ventricles using ITK for the Open Source Software Practice course homework.

Segmentation Using a Region Growing Algorithm
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This document describes an example implementation of segmenting the ventricles of the brain using the Insight Toolkit. Ventricle segmentation is done using the simple confidence connected region growing algorithm. Included with this paper is the source [...]

Image Segmentation
This document describes an algorithm implemented using the Insight Toolkit ITK This paper is accompanied with the source code, input data, parameters and output data that the authors used for validating the algorithm described in this paper. [...]

RPI OSSP Ventricle ConnectedThreshold Segmentation

Connected Threshold Segmentation of Ventricles in the Brain
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This document describes an implementation of Connected Threshold Segmentation to isolate the ventricles using Insight Toolkit

Experimenting with Segmentation in ITK
This document describes some experiments for segmentation using the Insight Toolkit ITK url{}. The code of the experiment is written following the ITK CodingStyle as described in the directory [...]

Tophap by area
The tophat transform is a well know and widely used transform based of morphological opening or closing. It is often used to remove the background in an image, where the background is defined as the zones which do not fit in the user provided [...]

Efficient contour detection in binary and label images
ly in ITK, the only way to find the contour of the objects in a binary image is to use the BinaryErodeImageFilter, with a kernel of radius 1. This filter is a generic filter, made to support any shape and size of structuring element, and thus is not optimized [...]

Component tree: an efficient representation of grayscale connected components
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Connected component is a well known and very useful notion in binary case. As often in mathematical morphology, this notion can be extended to the grayscale case, and allow to perform lot of the useful transforms based on binary connected components in the [...]

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