Noise simulation
Several kind of noise can be found in real images, mostly depending on the modality of acquisition. It is often useful to be able to simulate that noise, for example to test the behavior of an algorithm in the presence of a known amount of noise. This [...]

Perturbing Mesh Vertices with Additive Gaussian Noise
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This brief document provides an introduction to an external ITK module, DVMeshNoise. This module provides classes for perturbing the positions of the vertices of either an itk::Mesh or itk::QuadEdgeMesh with Gaussian noise. This may be useful in testing the [...]

Generalized Computation of Gaussian Derivatives Using ITK
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Computation of local image derivatives is an important operation in many image processing tasks that involve feature detection and extraction, such as edges, corners or more complicated features. However, derivative computation in discrete images is an [...]

Cumulative Gaussian Curve Fitter for Boundary Parameterization
We have previously developed an algorithm for locating boundaries in an image with sub-pixel resolution, as well as estimating boundary width and image intensity within the adjoining objects. The algorithm operates by finding the parameters of a cumulative [...]

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