Graph Cuts, <i>Caveat Utilitor</i>, and Euler's Bridges of Konigsberg
Graph-based algorithms have enjoyed renewed interest for solving computer vision problems. These algorithms have been the subject of intense interest and research. In order to maintain the ITK library au courant, we developed a framework for graph-based [...]

Morphological Opening on a Graph
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This document presents an implementation of an algorithm to perform a morphological opening on a graph. The intent is to remove short branches in a graph while preserving the large scale structure. This implementation is based on the algorithm described in [...]

Scene Graph: Visualization of Coordinate Systems in the Image Guided Surgical Toolkit
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In a surgical environment, there are many tools and objects (including the patient) being used. In a computer-aided surgery, the position of each of these tools in the operating room is very critical and generally will be tracked in their own coordinate [...]

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