Gaussian Interpolation
In this submission, we offer the GaussianInterpolationImageFunction which adds to the growing collection of existing interpolation algorithms in ITK for resampling scalar images such as the LinearInterpolateImageFunction, BSplineInterpolateImageFunction, and [...]

A generic interpolator for multi-label images
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We present a generic interpolator for label images. The basic idea is to interpolate each label with an ordinary image interpolator, and return the label with the highest value. This is the idea used by the itk::LabelImageGaussianInterpolateImageFunction [...]

GeoInterp: Contour Interpolation with Geodesic Snakes
Geodesic Snakes
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The process of outlining organs on three dimensional medical images is extremely time-consuming. In this document, we describe a new tool that can interpolate contours and also make them smooth. The tool uses geodesic snakes to perform these functions. The [...]

Small Hole Filling in ITK
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This code provides an implementation of a simple technique to fill small holes in an image. We use a multi-pass method that fills pixels on the border of a hole with the average of its non-hole 8-connected neighbors. This process is repeated until all holes [...]

Shape-based Interpolation of a Set of 2D Slices
We implemented the shape-based interpolation method described by Raya and Udupa in 1990 for three-dimensional images, and created two standalone filters using the Insight Toolkit ITK. The image to be interpolated must be a 3D binary image which represents an [...]

Uniform B-Splines for the VTK Imaging Pipeline
Uniform B-splines are used widely in image processing because they provide maximal smoothness compared to any other piecewise polynomial of the same degree and support. This paper describes VTK classes for performing two functions: image interpolation via [...]

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