A Mean Shift Clustering Implementation for VTK
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Mean shift clustering is an excellent technique for clustering points when the number of clusters is not known. We present a implementation (vtkMeanShiftClustering) of the simplest version of the algorithm written in a VTK context. The code is currently [...]

Contributions to the Normalized Correlation and the Mean Squares Metric
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This document describes contributions on the NormalizedCorrelationImageToImageMetric and the MeanSquaresImageToImageMetric of the Insight Toolkit ITK url{}. For the first metric a two time speed-up can be achieved by rewriting the code to loop [...]

BinShrink: A multi-resolution filter with cache efficient averaging.
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We present a new filter for the Insight Toolkit (ITK) for reducing the resolution of an image by an integer factor while averaging called BinShrink. This filter provides a new level of performance to ITK for reducing resolution and noise present in an image. [...]

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