Perturbing Mesh Vertices with Additive Gaussian Noise
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This brief document provides an introduction to an external ITK module, DVMeshNoise. This module provides classes for perturbing the positions of the vertices of either an itk::Mesh or itk::QuadEdgeMesh with Gaussian noise. This may be useful in testing the [...]

ItkQuadEdgeMesh: A Discrete Orientable 2-Manifold Data Structure for Image Processing
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There is nowadays an increasing need in interaction between discrete surfaces (2-manifolds) and images. More specifically, segmentation and registration of n-dimensional images are taking advantage of a priori geometrical information, most often provided as [...]

ITK Mesh IO Framework
ITK has a powerful and flexible image IO framework. Reading and writing different types of image file is straightforward. The image IO could be easily extended by writing a specific image IO class for a new image file format. Whereas, there is no such [...]

Surface Mesh Discrete Curvature Estimators
Computing local curvatures of a given surface is important for applications, shape analysis, surface segmentation, meshing, and surface evolution. For a given smooth surface (with a given analytical expression which is sufficiently differentiable) curvatures [...]

Rotational Registration of Spherical Surfaces Represented as QuadEdge Meshes
This document describes a contribution to the Insight Toolkit intended to support the process of registering two Meshes. The methods included here are restricted to Meshes with a Spherical geometry and topology, and with scalar values associated to their [...]

Iterative Smoothing of Field Data in Spherical Meshes
This document describes a contribution to the Insight Toolkit intended to smooth the values of Field data associated with the nodes of a Spherical Mesh. The Mesh Smoothing filters contributed here do not modify the geometry or the topology of the Mesh. They [...]

A Wavefront OBJ Writer for VTK
The Wavefront OBJ format is a common file format for storing mesh data. It is convenient to be able to write VTK data structures out into this format, as the data can then be used in software that can read OBJ files.

Exact Geometrical Predicate: Point in circle
This document describes the implementation in ITK of the "point in circle" geometrical predicate. Based on Jonathan Shewchuk's work which implements an exact version of the predicate using standard floating point types and arithmetic, the implementation [...]

Walk In A Triangulation : Straight Walk
This document describes the implementation in ITK of the Straight Walk in a Triangulation algorithm proposed by Devillers et al. Using the exact discrete geometrical orientation predicate, and the itk::QuadEdgeMesh API of ITK, we propose an efficient [...]

Conformal Flattening ITK Filter
This paper describes the Insight Toolkit (ITK) Conformal Flattening filter: itkConformalFlatteningFilter. This ITK filter is an implementation of a paper by Sigurd Angenent, et al., “On the Laplace-Beltrami Operator and Brain Surface Flattening”. This [...]

Coupling Finite Element and Mesh-free Methods for Modelling Brain Deformation in Response to Tumour Growth
Very little is known about the deformation effects of tumour growth within the brain. Computer simulations have the potential to calculate such deformations. A method for computing localised high deformations within the brain's soft tissue is presented. [...]

Tetrahedral mesh generation for medical imaging
We describe the open source implementation of an adaptive tetrahedral mesh generator particularly targeted for non-rigid FEM registration of MR images. While many medical imaging applications require robust mesh generation, there are few codes available. [...]

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