ITK Order K Distance Transform
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We have implemented an Order K Distance Transform filter. The Order K distance transform computes the distances to the k nearest foreground pixels. Additionally the Order K Voronoi diagram can be computed. This work was supported in part by R21 MH67054, NSF [...]

A Generalized Squared Euclidean Distance Transform with Voronoi Maps
This document describes the implementation of an algorithm that computes a generalization of the distance transform with the squared euclidean metric. The generalization allows for interesting image operators, e.g. a morphologic dilation with euclidean ball [...]

Computational Geometry Computation and KNN Segmentation in ITK
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This work describes the implementation of computational geometry algorithms developed within the Insight Toolkit (ITK): Distance Transform (DT), Voronoi diagrams, k Nearest Neighbor (kNN) transform, and finally a K Nearest Neighbor classifier for multichannel [...]

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