Closed Loop Simplification
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This document presents an implementation of an algorithm to find a low edge-count approximation of a complex, discrete, 2D closed contour. This implementation is based on the algorithm described in ``Using Aerial Lidar Data to Segment And Model Buildings'' [...]

Moore Neighbor Tracing
This document presents an implementation of Moore Neighbor Tracing - an algorithm to find an ordered outline of a blob or contour in an image. An excellent tutorial on Moore Neighbor Tracing is provided [...]

Microscopy Image Analysis: Blob Segmentation using Geodesic Active Contours
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An Insight Toolkit (ITK) processing framework for blob segmentation with applications to microscopy images is presented in this paper. Our algorithm is a reļ¬nement of the work of Mosaliganti et al. [3] for splitting cell clusters. The basic idea is to [...]

ContourExtractor2DImageFilter: A subpixel-precision image isocontour extraction filter.
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This document describes itk::ContourExtractor2DImageFilter, an implementation of the arching squares2D contour-finding method using the Insight Toolkit ITK This filter takes as input a 2D image (not necessarily binarized) and a contour value, and [...]

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