BRAINSDemonWarp: An Applicaton to Perform  Demons Registration
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In this paper, a software application is introduced for image registration. BrainDemonsWarp is a com- mand line program using Thirion and diffeomorphic demons algorithms. The program takes in a template image and a target image along with other optional [...]

Spherical Demons Registration of Spherical Surfaces
As demonstrated by the example videos accompanying this submission of the multiresolution implementation of Spherical Demons, the registration appears reasonable. However, we are still unable to replicate the warps from the stable and well verified [...]

A Flexible Variational Registration Framework
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In this article, we present an implementation of a flexible framework for non-parametric variational image registration, realized as part of ITK's finite difference solver hierarchy. In a variational registration setting, the transformation is found by [...]

Diffeomorphic demons registration was widely used for medical image registration. This document describes the addition of mask processing mode with spatial objects for itkDiffeomorphicemonsRegistrationFilter when just considering the deformation field at the [...]

Atlas to Image-with-Tumor Registration Based on Demons and Deformation Inpainting
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This paper presents a method for nonlinear registration of images, where there exists no one-to-one correspondence in parts of the image. Such a situation occurs for instance in the case where an atlas of normal anatomy shall be matched to pathological data, [...]

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