Simple directional gradients
It is often useful to be able to compute the component of image gradient in a direction defined by a shape of some form, rather than relative to the image axis. This article introduces a simple method for doing this based on distance transforms that is [...]

An ITK implementation of the Normalized Gradient Field Image to Image Metric
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This article describes the ITK implementation of a Normalized Gradient Fields based image-to-image metric. Some properties of the metric are discussed and example registrations are presented.

Improving The Oriented Image Class For Use In The Registration Framework
The original design of the ITK registration framework was based around the itk::Image class, which assumed that the pixel axes were aligned with the coordinate system axes. The itk::OrientedImage was added later as a subclass, but problems remain with its [...]

Image Registration with Automatic Computation of Gradients
Many image registration algorithms are formulated as optimization problems with a gradient descent based solver, One difficulty with designing and implementing such methods is in the implementation of the [...]

To facilitate the analysis of medical image data in research environment, MATITK is developed to allow ITK algorithms to be called in MATLAB. ITK is a powerful open-source image analysis toolkit, but it requires the knowledge of C++ to use it. With the help [...]

Cerebral Cortical Thickness Estimation using the TINA
  Open-Source Image Analysis Environment
This paper gives an overview of the use and development of the TINA open-source medical image analysis environment, with respect to the determination of human cerebral cortical thickness estimation from magnetic resonance images. The ultimate aim of TINA is [...]

Scale Invariant Feature Transform for n-Dimensional Images (n-SIFT)
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This document describes the implementation of several features previously developed[2], extending the 2D scale invariant feature transform (SIFT)[4, 5] for images of arbitrary dimensionality, such as 3D medical image volumes and time series, using ITK1. [...]

Itk::Transforms supporting spatial derivatives
This document describes the use and implementation of first and second order spatial derivatives of coordinate transformations in the Insight Toolkit url{}). Spatial derivatives are useful for many types of regularising or penalty terms frequently [...]

Cumulative Gaussian Curve Fitter for Boundary Parameterization
We have previously developed an algorithm for locating boundaries in an image with sub-pixel resolution, as well as estimating boundary width and image intensity within the adjoining objects. The algorithm operates by finding the parameters of a cumulative [...]

Nonlinear Elastic Registration with Unbiased Regularization in Three Dimensions
We propose a new nonlinear image registration model which is based on nonlinear elastic regularization and unbiased registration. The nonlinear elastic and the unbiased regularization terms are simplified using the change of variables by introducing an [...]

An ITK-Based Framework for 2D-3D Registration with Multiple Fixed Images
This document describes an extension of the Insight Toolkit (ITK, for 2D-3D registration with multiple fixed images, that is, registration of a three-dimensional dataset to a group of fixed planar projections. 2D-3D registration is possible with [...]

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