Image Kernel Convolution
Convolution is a basic operation in image analysis and the Insight Toolkit provides a well-framed mechanism for such operations (see Chapter 11 of the ITK Software Guide. The classes associated with this contribution are meant to simplify convolution [...]

FFT based convolution
The Fourier transform of the convolution of two images is equal to the product of their Fourier transform. With this definition, it is possible to create a convolution filter based on the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The interesting complexity [...]

Generalized Computation of Gaussian Derivatives Using ITK
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Computation of local image derivatives is an important operation in many image processing tasks that involve feature detection and extraction, such as edges, corners or more complicated features. However, derivative computation in discrete images is an [...]

Go-Go Gabor Gadgetry
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Although Gabor filtering is quite prevalent in the computer vision community for such tasks as texture segmentation and motion analysis, such capabilities are conspicuously absent from the Insight Toolkit. The contribution described in this paper attempts [...]

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