Reading a PTX file into an itkMesh
This document presents a set of classes to read a PTX file (a common file format produced by LiDAR scanners) into an itkMesh object. We propose these classes as addition to the Insight Toolkit ITK (

A VTK Interface for the Hokuyo UTM 30LX Laser Range Finder
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It is convenient to acquire data in a format which VTK can read directly. To enable this, we provide a wrapper of the Hokuyo UTM-30LX interface in a class vtkHokuyo. The code is currently hosted at This class only [...]

A Synthetic LiDAR Scanner for VTK
In recent years, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanners have become more prevalent in the scientific community. They capture a "2.5-D" image of a scene by sending out thousands of laser pulses and using time-of-flight calculations to determine the [...]

A Leica PTX Reader for VTK
Leica LiDAR scanners output points in the PTX file format. It is often useful to convert this format to a standard VTK point cloud or mesh format before processing. We propose a new class, vtkPTXReader, to provide this functionality.

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