MPI Read Write
This paper tests MPI in the Insight Journal testing environment.

An Implementation of Parallel Fast Marching Using the Message Passing Interface
This document introduces a program based on the algorithm described by Maria Cristina Tugurlan. The program uses file readers, image filters, and file writers from the Insight Toolkit ITK It produces as output an image whose values are the times [...]

Alternative Memory Models for ITK Images
By default ITK images use a contiguous memory model. This means pixel elements are stored in a single 1-D array, where each element is adjacent in memory to the previous element. However in some situations it is not desirable to use this memory model. This [...]

An alternative threading model for the Insight Toolkit
This technical note presents an alternative threading model for the Insight Toolkit. The existing ITK threading model is based on a "scatter / gather" model and divides work evenly amongst all threads. Though suitable for many filters, considerations such [...]

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