A Framework for Comparison and Evaluation of Nonlinear Intra-Subject Image Registration Algorithms
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Performance validation of nonlinear registration algorithms is a difficult problem due to the lack of a suitable ground truth in most applications. However, the ill-posed nature of the nonlinear registration problem and the large space of possible solutions [...]

A Tutorial on Combining Nonlinear Optimization with CUDA
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Nonlinear optimization is a key component of many image registration algorithms. Improving registration speed is almost always desirable. One way to do this is to accelerate the optimization cost function using a parallel implementation. The purpose of this [...]

Inverse Nonlinear Finite Element Methods for Surgery Simulation and Image Guidance
Nonlinear finite element methods are described in which cyclic organ motion is implied from 4D scan data. The equations of motion corresponding to an explicit integration of the total Lagrangian formulation are reversed, such that the sequence of node forces [...]

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