SharpImage: An Image Processing Prototyping Environment
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This paper describes an image processing prototyping environment called SharpImage. SharpImage is a stand-alone Windows application geared towards the pre-processing and creation of volume illustrations, although other generic tasks are inherently supported. [...]

A role-based component architecture for computer assisted interventions: illustration for electromagnetic tracking and robotized motion rejection in flexible endoscopy
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This paper presents an original role-based software architecture facilitating the flexible composition, configuration and collaboration of separated components in the field of computer assisted interventions. Roles, which can be seen as methods dynamically [...]

MathVisionTools: mathematical prototyping in medical image analysis
Medical image analysis today is based on serious mathematics. More and more methods involve PDE's, linear algebra, complex transforms, optimization theory etc. This paper introduces the software environment MathVisionTools that is suited for the design [...]

A Framework for Algorithm Evaluation and Clinical Application Prototyping using ITK
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The usage of image processing has become an important and continuous growing field in medical imaging. Although a large amount of algorithms is available, only few are routinely applied within applications for clinical diagnosis support and treatment [...]

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