Image mask adaptor for pixel order independent filters
It is sometimes useful to apply a filter to a region defined by a mask. This article introduces a simple ``mask adaptor'' filter that allows this type of operation to be tested easily. It is applicable to filters that do not need any pixel location [...]

A Conditional Mesh Front Iterator for VTK
Region growing is a technique that can be used to propagate information over a mesh. In a previous submission, "A Mesh Front Iterator for VTK", we introduced an iterator that can be used with vtkPointSet subclasses to traverse a mesh. It is sometimes useful [...]

Semi-automatic Segmentation of Liver Tumors from CT Scans Using Bayesian Rule-based 3D Region Growing
Automatic segmentation of liver tumorous regions often fails due to high noise and large variance of tumors. In this work, a semi-automatic algorithm is proposed to segment liver tumors from computed tomography (CT) images. To cope with the variance of [...]

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