An implementation of TDFFD and LDFFD algorithms
This paper describes the implementation of the LDFFD and TDFFD algorithms. Both quantify motion and deformation from an input image sequence by taking profit of the temporal dimension of velocity fields in the diffeomorphic registration framework to process [...]

VV: a viewer for the evaluation of 4D image registration
We propose an open source and cross platform medical image viewer, named VV, designed for qualita tive evaluation of images registration, in particular for deformable registration of 4D CT images. VV can display multiple spatio-temporal image sequences (2D+t [...]

Evaluation of the Dynamic Deformable Elastic Template model for the segmentation of the heart in MRI sequences
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We introduce a bio-inspired dynamic deformable (DET) model based on the equation of dynamics and including temporal smoothness constraints. The behaviour and characteristics of the dynamic DET model is studied in the context of the semi automatic [...]

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