Class for Serial Transformations
This paper describes a simple class for serial transformations, i.e., the concatenation of other transformations. This can be used for doxygen{ResampleImageFilter}.

Uniform B-Splines for the VTK Imaging Pipeline
Uniform B-splines are used widely in image processing because they provide maximal smoothness compared to any other piecewise polynomial of the same degree and support. This paper describes VTK classes for performing two functions: image interpolation via [...]

Transitively Consistent and Unbiased Multi-Image Registration using Numerically Stable Transformation Synchronisation
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Transitive consistency of pairwise transformations is a desirable property of groupwise image registration procedures. The transformation synchronisation method (Bernard et al., 2015) is able to retrieve transitively consistent pairwise transformations from [...]

RGB Image Color Space Transformations
This paper describes a set of pixel accessors that transform RGB pixel values to a different color space. Accessors for the HSI, XYZ, Yuv, YUV, HSV, Lab, Luv, HSL, CMY, and CMYK color spaces are provided here. This paper is accompanied with source code for [...]

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