Improvements to the itk::KernelTransform and Subclasses
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Kernel-based transforms such as the thin plate spline are frequently used to model deformations in medical imaging. The existing implementation in ITK is capable of being used to warp images, but does not work in the registration framework. The existing [...]

A Homogeneous Transform Class for the ITK
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Homogeneous transformations are widely used in computer vision and graphics. They commonly arise when considering the transformation of an image of a planar object under arbitrary camera motion, or the transformation of two images of the same scene due to [...]

Helper class for initializing the grid parameters of a BSpline deformable transform by using an image as reference
This document describes a simple helper class intended for making easy to initialize the grid parameters of a BSplineDeformableTranform. This paper is accompanied with the source code, input data, parameters and output data that we used for validating the [...]

Combining Transforms in ITK
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The current ITK release 2.6 does not contain a way to combine transforms in a structural way. This document describes a contribution to the Insight Toolkit ITK url{}, which implements what we call an doxygen{CombinationTransform}. Two ways to [...]

Morphology with parabolic structuring elements
Morphological erosion and dilation filters employ a structuring function, with flat structuring functions being the most common example. This article will use the term ``parabolic'', but much of the literature uses ``quadratic'' structuring functions are less [...]

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